Back to the roots

In an age when photography is dominated by the ubiquity of digital technology, it is no surprise to see the emergence of counter-trends.
Just as analogue photography was never dead, but on the contrary lived on happily at a quantitatively lower level and was rediscovered by many people, so greater attention to classical, even to historic techniques can also be observed. One that is attracting increasing interest is the wet plate collodion process, which was the usual medium of exposure from the mid-19th century until the 1880s. At present there are probably at most a few dozen users of this process in Germany. However, their numbers are slowly but steadily growing, especially if one looks beyond the German borders. As this attractive process has always interested me,
I looked around for photographers who practise this unique method of capturing images. The result is an issue of FINE ART PHOTO devoted exclusively to this subject. I am sure that these fascinating results will also appeal to those who have not so far been involved with the wet plate collodion process, and ideally hope that this will lead to new adherents.